Phase I of Kulpi dam project to be completed in mid-May

The first phase of a dam project to serve three communities in the East Gonja is scheduled to be completed in mid-May.

The communities, Kulpi, Namu and Kofipe, would be able to have access to potable drinking water as well as for irrigation.

Dr Dramani Sogle, the Managing Director of Dramani and Co Limited, the contractor, was briefing Mr Alhassan Mumuni, East Gonja District Chief Executive, who visited the project site at Kulpi.

Dr Sogle said the facility, which is about 40 per cent complete, would draw its water from a nearby stream and rain water and had the capacity to store about 2.5 billion of litres of water.

He told Ghana News Agency that the project, being financed by a Canadian government programme called Community Driven Initiative for Food Security, soughtto rid the communities of water born diseases.

Dr Sogle said the second phase of the project would involve the installation of a mechanized system to filer the water.

Mr Mumuni appealed to the people to partner the contractor to ensure the completion of the projects.

Mr. Musa Saaka, a resident of Kulpi, expressed the community’s appreciation to the government and people of Canada for the support.

He said the project would facilitate the socio-economic development of the area especially in health and agriculture.

Source: GNA

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