Kufuor meets Nigerian President

J. A. Kufuor

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor on Thursday, urged Nigerians to show exemplary conduct at their Presidential polls next Saturday for the emulation of other countries.

“Nigeria must get it right to pave the way for others to follow. Nigeria because of its population and size occupies a strategic position in Africa. The conduct of the elections will have far reaching effects on the rest of the continent.

“If Nigeria gets it right, it will impact positively on the rest of the continent and show the rest of the world that Africa is capable of managing its electoral processes.  If Nigeria gets it wrong, it will have negative influence on the continent with dire consequences,” former President Kufuor said.

A press release signed by Mr Frank Agyekum, Spokesman for the Former President, said President Kufuor was speaking at a meeting with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, at the Presidential Villa at Aso Rock, Abuja, in the company of senior members of the African Union (AU) Observer team to Nigeria’s elections.

Former President Kufuor, leader of the 40-member AU Observer Mission, assured the Nigerian President of the impartiality of their assignment stating: “we are here as independent and objective observers. We will report things as we see them and not meddle in the conduct of the elections.”

President Jonathan pledged that his government will not interfere in the conduct of the elections and that the ballot will be conducted in a free and fair manner and the results accepted.

President Jonathan said it is about time Africa showed that it is able to hold elections that would stand the test of time adding: “the will of the people must always prevail.  Where governments have tried to subvert the will of the people for their personal gains, there has been chaos.  I don’t intend to lead Nigeria along that path.”

About 74 million Nigerians go the polls on Saturday to elect a president from a field of about 20, including incumbent President Jonathan.

Source: GNA

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