COSMOS debunks FDB media reports

Cosmos Health Outfit (CHO), a water producing company based in Accra, on Thursday debunked media reports by the Food and Drugs Board (FDB) that their practices posed serious threat to public health safety.

The reports according to the FDB, said Cosmos Health Outfit Company was found producing and distributing unregistered products including sachet and bottled water containing abnormally high concentrations of silver ions.

It said silver has no known function in the body nor is it an essential mineral supplement.

Meanwhile, the FDB had closed down the operations of the company and are taking steps to withdraw all its unregistered products from the market.

Evangelist Bill Forcha, Managing Director of CHO, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency said, the quality of the products were analyzed and tested by the Water Research Institute that indicated that the ionic silver level in the water was below the World Health Organisation approved 0.1mg per litre.

He said the company had equipment for measuring ionic silver content in all its products noting that it was not true that Cosmos products contained 15 times more ionic silver.

Evangelist Forcha said the claimed by FDB that the intake of silver leads to health problem known as ‘Argiria’ which manifests in to discoloration of the pigment, was false but rather caused by silver compounds.

He said the company was duly registered as producers of Homeopathic products silver health TP in different concentration, including ionic silver 10ppm, ionic silver 5ppm, silver protected mineral water, and ionic silver spray.

On the forgery of FDB product registration, he said, it was duly given as FDB /HP 09-6002 product registration number and signed by its Chief Executive Officer, Dr Stephen Opuni, adding that there were documents covering all processes.

He said the closed down of the company had rendered over 70 employees of the company jobless, adding that the act of the FDB was seen as a blow to the private sector since it was the engine of growth of the economy, which could also scared away foreign investors.

“Why will the FDB approve all operating documents and licenses and later turn round to accuse us of non-compliance and thereby close down the place,” he asked.

Source: GNA

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