Jobs in Human Resource Management are for grabs

There are many highly paying job avenues in Human Resource Management (HRM) for professionally trained Human Resource Managers (HRMs).

“Students who study professional human resource management can choose to work as general HR practitioners, or Industrial Relations practitioners, Learning and Development practitioners, Recruitment practitioners, Organizational Development practitioners or Compensation and benefits practitioners”

Mr Kojo Asare-Bediako, Executive Director, Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners, Ghana, said this at the launch of HR Professional Certification Programme at the Ho Polytechnic on Tuesday.

Mr Asare-Bediako explained that those with academic qualifications in HRM still needed to acquire professional training to be able to perform as general practitioners or in the specialized areas of HR Practice.

He explained that professional training in HRM was necessary because of the growing human resource challenges facing organizations in Ghana and the shortage of professionals to design and develop appropriate solutions to those problems.

Mr Asare-Bediako said organizations, private and public, were therefore looking for professionally competent HRMs to help them find solutions to the many human resource challenges confronting them.

“An organization is as good as the people who make up the organization. Therefore, the level of efficiency of every organization depends upon the quality of human resource management in the organization”, he said.

Mr Asare-Bediako said “Chief Executives today look up to the human resource department to come up with systems and strategies to create a motivating work environment and a positive organizational culture”.

He said a prospective HR Manager who is professionally trained therefore has “competitive advantage’ over his or her colleague with only tertiary qualification in HR management.

“At the job interview, the employer wants to know how the job applicant can help solve the recruitment, training, performance and motivation problems”, Mr Asare-Bedaiko said.

Source: GNA

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  1. padhye s m says

    the words from the executive director are impressing that the h.r.m. of any organization plays very vital role like the human back bone. there exists a corollary between the working of any organization and working of a human body on the whole. hence it will not be out of place to reckon an organization as a ‘living organism’ in which synchronization of every organ with the other is very vital for comfortable( and prosperous) life while, the organs are well controlled, coordinated and ‘guided’ by the master component of the body- the brain. this upshot can not be ignored.
    at the same time the very brain in a human body needs to be trained enough as to be competent enough to steer the over all functioning positively. this logic and reasoning compels to bestow significant importance upon the very ‘training’ imparted at the b-school of any level. there are instances on record where the out going b-school product had a ’round object’ in hand while passing out –‘the gold medal’ but — was never ever trained to face the situation pragmatically and as a consequence he carried another ’round thing’ i.e. zero practicability in approach and attitude !
    with due regards to the curriculum makers of the b-schools, its my firm conviction that the students over there are given opportunity to see and face the situations to reach a solution instead of limiting them to the class room knowledge embedded in books. no doubt that there are programmes for students in the form of internship and attachment in companies for short while but, this arrangement does not seem to accomplish the objective of grooming a young lad in to a ‘manager’ capable of ‘managing’ the situation.
    padhye s m.

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