Ghana-made software compared to iPhone application

A software application, Nandiclient, developed by Nandimobile Limited, a Ghanaian owned  start-up has been compared to an iPhone application because of its ability to arm businesses with tools for delivering customer support.

The Nandiclient software suite which includes Gripeline as a service can be used to provides information to customers on their mobile phones through SMS and WAP channels.

According to Jason Calacanis, founder of LAUNCH, an organization which recently honoured Nandimobile Limited with the Best Business Entity award, said the application solves real problems other than what an iPhone can do.

“Gripeline was elegant and solved a real problem. Every mobile phone has the ability to text, but not every restaurant or store has the ability to easily receive them. It was refreshing to see a solution that wasn’t based on a developer spending $75,000 to build an iPhone app that required five steps to use – not to mention a $1,500 commitment a year from consumers”, Mr Calacanis said.

Anne Amuzu, Chief Executive Officer of Nandimobile said that the company is honored to showcase its products globally and it is eager to build its customer base in Africa and beyond.

Nandimobile, located in Accra, provides mobile solutions for customer support and marketing. The company was founded in July 2010 by Edward Tagoe, Anne Amuzu and Michael Dakwa, and is supported by the Meltwater Foundation, which is funded by the Meltwater Group.

By Ekow Quandzie

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