Birim Central records five suspected cases of cholera

The Birim Central Municipal Health Management Team has recorded five suspected cases of cholera.

Ms Anastasia Atiogbe, Municipal Director of Health Services, told the Ghana News Agency in Akim Oda that a girl died of cholera when being conveyed from Akim Akroso to the Akim Oda Government Hospital in the Eastern Region.

She said the four others who passed frequent stools and were vomiting are under observation to help ascertain whether they are suffering from cholera.

The Director noted that the real danger of cholera was the loss of water from the human body and recommended that those caught-up with the disease, should drink a solution of oral rehydration salt as a first step, while on their way to the nearest health facility.

Ms Atiogbe called on the people to endeavour to practice personal hygiene and avoid eating cold foods and drinking contaminated water.

She cautioned against the defecation or urinating in or near water sources, while the people should avoid defecating in public places or operating close to open drains.

Source: GNA

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