Ghana ‘shitor’ in high demand in America – US Official

If you are an entrepreneur in Ghana who is looking for opportunities to enter the non-traditional export business, then preparing and exporting ‘shitor’ to the US is a big opportunity, as the demand for the locally popular spice is in high demand in that country, a US Embassy official in Accra has said.

The Chief Economist of the Embassy, Phil Cummins said during an interaction with the public, business people, students and the media at the US Ambassador’s residence Tuesday February 22, 2011 that he has identified some retail shops in the US that demand high volumes of the product.

He said, “no one can make ‘shitor’ better than Ghanaians.”

‘Shitor’ is a sauce made from spices like pepper, ginger, garlic, other vegetables like tomatoes, onion and dried fish and some crustaceans. These are ground and then fried in oil till it browns.

Under the African Growth and Opportuinity Act (AGOA) Ghanaian businesses can export products to the US duty free.

Making a presentation during the interaction, the US Deputy Trade Demetrios Marantis said, there has been a 129% increase in AGOA in 2010.

He indicated that 92% of Ghana’s exports to the US enter duty-free under the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) and AGOA programmes.

“Ghana has profited from these opportunities, exporting a growing range of products including over $800,000 in textiles during 2010, more than double the amount in 2009,” he said.

According to Ambassador Marantis, Ghanaian workers and farmers exported nearly $48 million in goods to the US under AGOA, which is also more than double the amount in 2009.

Ghanaian businesses export products such as cocoa powder, vegetables, fruits, metals and baskets to the US.

He however indicated that Ghanaians have a bigger advantage if they enter the fresh-cut flower export business because of the existence of a direct flight schedule between Ghana and the US. This is a market he said the East Africans are taking advantage of even though, there is no direct flight between their countries and the US.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. Guy Mmoasem says

    This “Ghana Shitor” pitch is a big LIE since many Americans do not eat hot pepper in meals plus fact that US spice market is dominated by all kinds and brands of domestic peppers. There are peppers from Mexico(Habanero/Jelapano) and Caribbean (Scotch Bonnett )
    plus US Bell peppers and sweet pepers. There are Korean peppers in all the Oriental Stores;there is the notorious “INSANITY PEPPER”
    with the highest known hotness!!
    The Ghana Shitor is consumed by Ghanaians and other West Africans representing a small percentage in market share. I think
    GINGER ROOTS and LOOFA SPONGE products may boost sales.
    The Fresh Flowers will boost foreign exchange earnings the love of flowers has is a sizeable market.;flowers cooperatives must build necessary infrastructure to stores flowers to maintain freshness.
    An international airport in Takoradi area or Kumasi may be necessary to ease traffick congestions in Accra. AGOA appears
    productive and win-win for Ghana producers and US consumers.

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