Wa Senior High is temporally closed down after student riots

The Wa Senior High Technical School has been temporally closed down by the Wa Municipal Directorate of Education following rioting by the students on Monday morning.

Madam Scholastica Gyiele, the Wa Municipal Director of Education, told the GNA that the closure became necessary because of the attempted removal of the Assistant Headmistress, Madam Mary Asunta Dakurah, from office by the students.

She said a fact-finding committee would be set up immediately to investigate the riots after which the students would be called back to the school.

Mr. Koku-Anu Philibert, the School’s Guidance and Counselling Coordinator who briefed the GNA, said the incident occurred at the usual Monday morning assembly when the Assistant Headmistress was about to address the students.

He said the students were noisy and started walking away as soon as the Assistant Headmistress stepped out to address them.

He said the teaching staff, shocked by the behaviour of the students, called an emergency staff meeting to deliberate on a possible way of handling the situation.

Mr. Koku-Anu said while they were about to begin the meeting they saw the SRC Secretary running towards them for being manhandled by his colleagues and that prompted them to stop the meeting to attend to his safety.

He said two of the student leaders had suffered similar maltreatment at the hands of their colleagues but as member of the staff he did not know the reasons behind the students’ action.

Realizing that the situation was getting out of control, they invited the Police to assist them to maintain law and order in the School.

Mr. Koku-Anu said they assembled the students in front of the Administration Block to address them but the police arrived and started beating the students.

He said the students scattered and ran to town with some of them carrying their belongings.

When GNA contacted Madam Asunta she said when she came to open her office she saw a notice pasted on her door stating that they (the students) did not need her services anymore.

The notice read “We the students of the Wa SHTS do not need your services anymore. If you are found anywhere around any corner or part of the campuses from 13th – 16th February, 2011, do not blame any student of the school. Comply and be free, refuse and face the music.”

Madam Asunta said she took it lightly and still went ahead to address the students since the Headmistress had travelled.

She suspected that some of her colleagues might have masterminded the conduct of the students.

When GNA contacted the Police command in Wa, they said they were still investigating the case and would not comment.

Source: GNA

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