Birim Central Assembly to insist on “Value for Money”

Ms Ophelia Koomson, Birim Central Municipal Chief Executive, on Friday said the assembly was determined to have “Value for Money” in its dealings in the procurement sector.

She said it was the wish of the assembly to see participatory monitoring and evaluation with its stakeholders whenever “we have project implementation taking place”.

Ms Koomson was opening a two-day capacity building workshop on project management, monitoring and evaluation at Akyem Oda.

It was aimed at building the capacity of management staff in project management, monitoring and evaluation.

She said much of the activities in the public sector are procurement adding “Procurement thus plays a crucial role in our dealings with the public, due to the initiation and execution of projects”.

“The issue of project execution no doubt is a problem-solving endeavour in our performance as an organization. The project approach so far has stood prominent in our intervention in solving problems that confront our people or stakeholders in the society.”

“It is therefore the more reason why we should initiate projects and execute them efficiently,” she said.

Mr Koomson said over the years it had come out prominently that project execution had suffered so many setbacks due to poor management, failure to monitor or evaluate the processes.

She said a clear manifestation of those mishaps could be seen in audit exercises, Functional Organization Assessment Tool (FOAT), assessments and even public resentments to shoddy works on projects.

“If care is not taken, our image as managers of public or state resources will be in jeopardy. We need to address the situation to restore confidence in the project management monitoring and evaluation drive.”

Source: GNA

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