Vision 2050 Carbon Project completes tree mapping in Ashanti Region

The management of Vision 2050 Carbon Project has completed mapping out 2,000,400 trees in its land bank in the Ashanti Region at an estimated cost of 100,000 Ghana cedis.

This is the first of the seven Regions with 130 million trees planted by 850 communities that are waiting to be mapped out at an estimated cost of 13 million Ghana cedis.

A statement issued and signed by Nana Bafour Nsenkyire Akosa II, Director of Operations Vison 2050 Carbon Project, said the enlisted farmers in the project would then be able to draw the appropriate level of grants from the project to cover their trees when the mapping out exercise was completed.

It said farmers with formal title to the trees they now owned would be assisted under the Project to access loans from selected banks.

The statement said in view of the new challenges from the work to be done it had become necessary for the Project to handle its affairs with new and interim management team with immediate effect.

“Until further notice, the interim management team will take over the day to day running of the business of the company.  The team will start touring the Regions and communities to familiarise itself with the situation on the ground in due course,” it added.

The Vision 2050 Project, which was established in 1988 with the objective of recovering 50 per cent of the degraded forest of Ghana by 2050, has now acquired 560,000 hectares of land banks in the seven out of the 10 geographical regions.

These land banks would enable the Project to plant 450 million trees.

The Carbon Project that grew out of the original re-forestation and forestation programme is intended to also make a contribution from Ghana to the growing global menace from climatic change.

Source: GNA

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