VRA intends to commence discharge of water from dam

The Akosombo Dam - Ghana's main source of power

The Volta River Authority (VRA) will discharge small volumes of water from the Akosombo Dam in a controlled manner if the level of the Volta Lake rises above 277 feet.

Mr. Kweku Awotwi, Chief Executive of the VRA, announced this at a press conference at Takoradi Thermal Plant at Aboadze on Wednesday.

He said the discharge has been planned because of the current rate of flow of water into the dam’s reservoir.

Mr. Awotwi said as at October 27, this year, the Volta Lake has risen to 276 point 40 feet, the record highest and likely to rise above 277 feet on or around November 1.

He said the measure is to ensure that the VRA is not forced to spill uncontrolled volumes of water in event that the lake rises above the maximum allowable level of 278 feet.

This is also to provide optimum protection for the communities downstream “in line with meeting the objective for flood control”, Mr. Awotwi said.

He said it is not expected that communities downstream would be adversely affected by small discharge planned.

Mr. Awotwi said the VRA is collaborating closely with the lakeside communities, District Assemblies and the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) to provide appropriate and adequate information when the need arises and mitigate any effects.

He said the VRA would ensure that communities are given sufficient notification and would provide continuous public announcements before, during and after the spillage.

“We are monitoring the situation and wish to assure all Ghanaians that there is no danger to the dam”, Mr.Awotwi said, adding: “We count on the cooperation of all stakeholders to ensure that lives and properties are protected and saved during the period”.

Source: GNA

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