Ghana promises to support neighbours with oil and gas

Vice President John Dramani Mahama on Wednesday gave the assurance that Ghana would not hesistate to support its neighbours with her resources anytime the need arises.

“We are all neighbours and therefore need to be interdependent on each other and with the discovery of oil and gas in Ghana, government will support its neighbours as soon as she embarks on the drilling of those resources.”

Vice President Mahama said this when a delegation from Benin called on him to present a request from Mr Yayei Boni, President of that country.

The delegation, led by Madam Christine Ouisavi, Beninois Minister of Trade, was in the country to negotiate with the Ghanaian government to supply them with 1,500 tonnes of gas monthly, because of gas shortage in the country as a result of the rehabilitation of their storage facilities.

Vice President Mahama said although Ghana was currently faced with some shortages as a result of the conversion of many vehicles from petrol to gas and the increased domestic use of the commodity, government would find a way of helping Benin until their situation stabilized.

“Ghana and Benin are historical friends since we are both members of the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and Benin’s problems are definately Ghana’s problems.”

Madam Ouisavi said apart from negotiations for gas, Benin would foster closer relations and solidarity with Ghana in other sectors of the economy.

Source: GNA

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