Suspicious cell phone calls breaking relationships in Ghana – Research

A research conducted by Adam Research Centre, an Accra-based Consultancy firm, has indicated that about 25 percent of break ups in love relationships in Ghana were caused by suspicious phone calls and text messages.

It said 33 percent of respondents, who were interviewed, also confessed telling lies to their partners regarding their locations and general movements.

Dr. Karim Adam, Chief Executive Officer of the Centre, disclosed these research findings to the Ghana News Agency in Accra.

He said although 67 percent of respondents confirmed that mobile phone had enhanced their relationship, most of them said that phones had also given people the opportunity to tell lies.

Dr Adam, who is an Information Systems Security and IT Governance Consultant, said the Centre used over 800 respondents from all sectors of life in Accra to research on “the Impact of Mobile Phones on Love Relationships in the Country” due to the daily problems that erupted from the use of telephones.

The research indicated that 46.9 percent of respondents said they received their break up news from their partners through text messages, while 26 percent of them indicated that they had heartbreaks as a result of those messages.

Thirty-five percent of the respondents said that they communicated more than thrice a day, while 22 percent of them communicated twice a day.

Forty-five percent of the respondents confirmed quarrelling with their partners over suspicious phone calls and messages more than three times a week.

Thirty-three percent of respondents also confirmed that the use of phones enabled them to keep more than one partner, while 1.1 percent of respondents said that mobile phones were promoting oral sex among partners, sharply against the religious and social morals of society.

Dr. Adam, who has been researching into activities of banks, financial institutions and other social issues, called on Christian and Islamic marriage counsellors in the country to step up their education on the use of phones and relationships as that was becoming a canker and social problem to most relationships.

“What we are talking about now does not only affect only those in relationships, but it also affects marriages in our society and we need to sit up and end the war of telephone on our relationships.”

Source: GNA

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