National ID registration exercise enjoys high patronage

Dr. William Ahadzie, Executive Secretary of the National Identification Authority on Friday said the mass registration exercise conducted in six out of the 10 regions received high patronage and support.

“Lots of people rushed to form long queues at the various centres we visited and this turned to put much pressure on us”, he said.

Dr Ahadzie was speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Sunyani after he and his team had briefed the Regional minister, Mr. Kwadwo Nyamekye–Marfo, on the impending exercise in Brong Ahafo.

He said inadequate funding and pressure by people anxious to get registered were key problems that confronted the authority.

“People rush to the centres to register, creating undue pressure on the team, just because of a false alarm that those who did not register within the stipulated 10 day period would be made to pay some money before being registered. But this is not so”, he said.

Dr Ahadzie said the visit also formed part of their pre–registration assessment tour of the region and to give the regional minister detailed information on the nature of the exercise and what people should expect.

The team is also in the region to solicit the support and jointly work with the municipal and district assemblies, whose assistance would be required for the successful conduct of the exercise.

Dr Ahadzi said the assemblies would have to help in providing and setting up canopies, equipment, a generator at areas without electricity and security vans and as well as accommodation for the team.

Source: GNA

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  1. the National Identification says

    I hope those register are true Ghanaians not Nigerians, Lebanese, Indians and Chinese claiming to be Ghanaians these days. This is easy in Ghana and they are able to aquire Ghanaian passport and other identities to commit crimes both in Ghana and overseas.
    The chances for illigal claimants to identities will not happen in Saudi, kuwait, Australia, Canada or Norway even in England.
    The government agency involve this process should be strict and well trained as well as their line workers during the execise of registering process to weed out the illegal and warn those who sell their identity the consequences they face if they do loose their identity cards to report immidiately so that card number can be cancelled and new one issued to avoid being used for obtaining other cards such as passport, national health card.

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