MTN, Intel to cooperate on WiMAX deployments

The MTN Group and Intel have signed an agreement to collaborate on deploying WiMAX networks in Africa and the Middle East.

Information posted on MTN Group website said the collaboration covers a wide spectrum of initiatives, including areas such as broadband access through WiMAX deployment, affordable PC bundles for the ordinary African consumer and entrepreneurs as well as cost-effective internet browsing devices.

Other areas of collaboration include joint efforts by the MTN Foundation and Intel Education’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to equip students and teachers with technology skills.

These initiatives will contribute to the development of young people in Africa by equipping them with up to date maths and science skills as well as life skills such as critical thinking in the current knowledge economy.

Intel’s venture capital division, Intel Capital, and MTN Group will also invest in emerging technology companies that are innovative and demonstrate a potential for advancing the ICT sector by developing products that contribute to solving typically African business and social problems.

The information indicated that such innovations also have the potential to create new industries and offer employment to Africa’s growing young population.

“Strategies developed by MTN and Intel to connect the next generation of broadband users in Africa and the Middle East were a perfect fit, which is why we went into discussions to collaborate,” Gordon Graylish, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Group of Intel Corporation was quoted as saying.

He said both companies have expertise in different aspects of ICT deployment and together they could accelerate bridging the digital divide on the continent.

Mr. Graylish also noted that the agreement underpinned the importance of lndustry leaders such as Intel and MTN to collaborate in order to bring sustainable ICT development to the region.

“In this way we can accelerate Africa’s entry into the 21st century knowledge and digital economy which will give its citizens economic opportunities similar to those in developed countries,” he said.

Christian De Faria, MTN Group’s Senior Vice President, Commercial and Innovation, said “MTN recognizes the strategic value of partnering with an industry player of Intel’s calibre and stature.

“We believe this MOU will facilitate the establishment of joint initiatives to support our broadband strategy as well as CSR projects.”

By Samuel Dowuona

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