FBX Global to market Ghana’s Food and Agric Show

The Food and Agric Show (FAGRO) 2010 Secretariat (FAGRO), has entered into a three-year collaborative pact with FBX Global Exhibition Services, a multinational company based in Barcelona, Spain to promote and market FAGRO 2010 in Asia and Europe.

Announcement of the pact for the Food and Agric Show, which was first held in Ghana last year, was made Monday, after the agreement had been signed between the FAGRO 2010 Secretariat on the one hand and FBX Global Exhibition Services.

According to a press release issued by the secretariat, under the terms of agreement, FBX Global Exhibition Services will bring on board fifty (50) foreign investment companies from Spain, Portugal and China to exhibit and participate in FAGRO 2010, which comes off from Tuesday, October 12, to Sunday, October 17, 2010 at the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre, Accra.

The Chief Executive Officer of FBX Global Exhibition Services, Francesc Borras, who signed on behalf of the company, lauded the collaboration, which he believes will facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technologies across borders.

Mr. Borras said FBX’s experience in the areas of Food and Renewable Energies among others and its knowledge on Africa “encourages us to firmly believe in a brighter future for this continent.”

He pledged the company’s commitment to ensure that the country’s agriculture and FAGRO 2010 is more efficient, modernised, sustainable, international, profit oriented and less expensive for farmers and the environment.

“Our mission is to market international trade fairs in China and Spain for new emergent economies, as well as work closely with the organisers with a focus on aid in the development of their countries. This we have successfully done over the years, with our participation in many ground breaking fairs and we bring same to FAGRO 2010,” he added.

For her part, the Exhibition Director for FAGRO 2010, Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, who initialled for the secretariat, lauded the initiative by FBX to collaborate with the FAGRO 2010 Secretariat to promote the show beyond the borders of Africa. She stated that the decision by the secretariat to market FAGRO on the international market is to enable it expose the backbone of Ghana’s economy to new technologies as they evolve.

She emphasised that “as the theme for FAGRO 2010 ‘SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE THROUGH APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY’ implies, projecting FAGRO will attract such technologies into Africa, since Africa has little or no capacity to develop these technologies to compete favourably on the international market to develop our economy”.

“FBX and FAGRO in this conviction have signed a collaborative agreement that will allow us to work in the coming years, in the same direction and with the same goals, which is the development of Ghana’s Agricultural sector,” she added.

The business pact, which was concluded last week, is a move by the FAGRO Secretariat to promote the image of the show on the international market, in order to attract and sustain investments for Ghana’s agricultural sector.

FBX Global Exhibition Service has trade offices in Shanghai, China and specialises in the organisation of exhibition promotions, showrooms in Southern Europe and China to promote countries that wish to exhibit their products, industry and culture on the global market.

By Edmund Smith-Asante

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