Stakeholders meet on rice value chain network

Stakeholders in the rice industry have held a forum to map out strategies for the formation of a rice value chain network to enhance coordination among the various players.

The network, which seeks to bring together the different players in the value chain to work in harmony to meet set targets, also aims to boost production and improve incomes.

Local rice farmers, processors, marketers and researchers attended the meeting under the auspices of the Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana (PFAG) and the Ghana Trades and Livelihoods Coalition (GTLC).

Mr Ibrahim Akabila, Coordinator of GTLC, said the current rice value chain was disjointed as each player worked in isolation without recourse to what other players were doing.

This, he said, did not augur well for the development of the sector adding, a network would ensure that each member of the chain pursued their task taking into account the role of others to the success of production.

Mr Mohammed Adam Nashiru, President of PFAG, said the network would enhance understanding among the actors in the rice value chain by working as a team to improve quality and enhance productivity.

He said it could also help get new ideas from potential clients, targets markets and influence government policies on the sector.

Mr Nashiru said the network would also foster understanding of how the different actors in the chain could complement one another, help in the transfer of knowledge and capacity building to meet the goals of the sector.

Source: GNA

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  1. Busha T. says

    co-operative system or current association with their own banking system, purchasing of equipment which they can use to assist various farmers for planting, fertilizers, preparing the land for growers during on and off seasons, purchasing of springklers and other major equipment and also added value initiative in bagging the finish product for both local and export market.

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