Christian Council ofGhana not happy with advertisement of alcohol/drugs in the media

The Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) has expressed concern about the numerous advertisements in the media which sought to promote the sale of drugs and alcohol.

Very Rev. Emmanuel Ebo Walters of the Apam Mount Zion Methodist Church said this at the Annual Christian Home Week celebration.

It was organised by the Christian Council of Ghana and the National Catholic Secretariat at the Apam Christian Divine Church.

Rev. Walters said the Christian Council was against such advertisement and was doing everything possible to ensure that laws banning them were enforced to reverse the situation.

Mr Wallace Akyeampong, Gomoa West District Social Welfare Officer, appealed to the Food and Drugs Board to enforce the regulation of the board in the districts.

Speaking on the topic; “Effects of Social Change on Drug and Alcohol Abuse,” Rev. Captain Godwin Kumeto of the Salvation Army Corps at Apam said alcohol and drug abuse was destroying the manpower base of the country.

He said drug and alcohol abuse could harm the body and could prevent students from concentrating on their studies.

Rev. Walters said about 25 percent of road accidents in the country were as result of alcohol and drug abuse.

He said the best way of staying healthy and stronger was by abstaining from the habit of taking these drugs.

Source: GNA

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  1. Busha T. says

    The government should ban smoking in public places and on school grounds as well as to make sure youth are not allow to purchase cigarette with heavy tarrif on tobacco related items as well as tarriff on acohol as being done here. This is very important because second hand smoking or tobacco related illneses does put stain or heavy burden on current and future generation budget, again is a source of revenue.
    The tobacco companies are moving to Africa and other underdevelop countries because they are loosing the market in Developed countries because of stiffer laws, banning smoking due to heavy health budget currently weighing on nations due to lung cancer related diseases young and older population are paying a price.

    Each country don’t need generation being kill from tobacco, drinking and drugs with government turning a blank eye without concern.

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