Intracom not building Ghana’s first WiMAX – DiscoveryTel official

A Greece-based international telecoms technology company, Intracom Telecom has announced in a widely publicised press release that it has won a $1.2 million contract to build what would be Ghana’s first WiMAX technology for the service provider DiscoveryTel Ghana. But an official of the company in Ghana has denied the technology is WiMAX.

Nana Duffuor, who is the Business Development Manager for DiscoveryTel Ghana told emphatically that “it is not WiMAX technology but a 4th generation broadband wireless network.”

He confirmed that a deal has indeed been signed by the two companies but the project is not MiMAX technology.

Meanwhile, in the press release, Intracom has said it has won a $1.2 million contract from DiscoveryTel Ghana (DTG) to deploy a WiMAX network in Ghana’s capital city, Accra. The project will be completed by the end of 2010 and will enable DTG to provide services to the greater Accra area.and other major Ghanaian cities. The contract also includes an extension option to provide equipment for mobile WiMAX coverage to other major cities in the country.

However, responding to the issues by phone from Greece, Mr. Papaikonomou, an official of Intracom Telecom told, “We are building a mobile WiMAX network. I believe we are talking about the same thing but because we live in different worlds, we use different terms.” He added “MiMAX is a 4th generation wireless technology.” He argued further that what some people call mobile WiMAX, some others call mobile broadband.

DiscoveryTel is a provider of dedicated Internet services and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. Busha T says

    Watch Greece, Portugal and Spain companies, please check their business credit worthiness before contracting them. These countries over spend as well as bankruptcy is part of their daily business. Before Ghanaian government or companies join these companies for business care should be taken or verify good background checks before doing any business.

    They can offer sweet deals and non of these countries care about Africa let me tell you including Eastern Europe, Western Europe, They know the History so what do they care. This time around Africa should be careful with who they deal with, especially procurement as well as imports. Again re-enforce local industries which is the key and also business with Africa is a must especially from North Africa to South Africa.
    Like what SHELL is doing right now, changing their face with VITOL oil to buy their Businesses. Let me tell nothing will change except name, so why Ghana and rest of Africa buy SHELL assets and find African company to partner instead of another European company.
    The continent have struggle for far too long!!!!!!

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