LaGray introduces new anti-fungal vaginal cream

A new pharmaceutical product, mycopirox anti-fungal vaginal cream, was last Wednesday introduced into the Ghanaian market in Accra by LaGray Chemical Company.

The product used for the treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis, commonly known as ‘white’ in Ghana, is said to be also the “platinum standard for the treatment of superficial fungal infections” such as dermatomysis, onychomycosis and serborrhoeic dermatitis.

In a presentation, Mr Maxwell Twum-Boateng, Senior Marketing Specialist at LaGray Chemical Company, said the active component of the drug is a broad spectrum bactericidal, fungicidal and anti-inflammatory agent with a proven safety profile.

According to him, the drug’s intrinsic anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial activities, makes it achieve effective results in a variety of conditions without the use of steroids or additional agents as employed in the so called ‘triple-action’ creams.

“Anti-inflammatory action without the use of steroids implies safety for use in pediatrics and efficacy in immuno-compromised patients,” he said.

He said vulvovaginal candidiasis or vaginal yeast infection is one of the most common diseases in women, adding that every woman, at some point in time in her life, “will experience a vaginal yeast infection.”

“Over 85% of vaginal candidiasis is caused  by the fungal organism Candida albicans, the rest being by either Candida topicalis or Candida glabrata,” he added.

He said the drug is a tropical preparation of ciciopirox olamine, a potent anticandidal agent, saying that the drug was “indicated for the tropical treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis including recurrent infections due to azole resistant Candida species.”

Mr Johnnie Allotey, Business Development Manager of La Gray Chemical Company, said the company adheres to good manufacturing practices, adding that it uses “the WHO certified Laboratory Information Management System software” and that “La Gray Chemical Company’s manufacturing capacity includes 10 metric tones of API, eight million laminated aluminium tubes of dermatological products, 300million oral capsules and 150 million tablets per annum.”

The launching ceremony was chaired by Professor Yao Kwawukume, an obstetrician who also endorsed the drug.

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