Union cites Ashanti rural banks for labour law violations

Rural and community banks in the Ashanti region have been cited among a group of employers who disrespect workers’ rights.

According to the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU), whilst some management comply with portions of the Labour Law, others deliberately attempt to frustrate unionization at the workplace.

The findings are contained in a research conducted by the ICU to ascertain the basis of alleged workplace intimidation of its members.

Regional Industrial Relations Officer, Simon Baba Alootay observed the direct involvement of Board of Directors in the day-to-day administration of the rural banks is a major factor to the breaches of the labour law.

Speaking to Luv FM at a regional council meeting in Kumasi, Mr. Alootay cautioned employers against deliberate attempts to deprive members of their rights.

“They seem to have different structures from the traditional banks and so the mere fact that they are called rural banks, the board to a very large extend is supposed to be directing the affairs, which is acceptable but not to the point where they would take charge of the day-to-day administration and write query and interdiction letters to workers or suspension and other things that run counter to the day-today administration”, he stated.

Mr. Alootay however says the ICU is engaging management of erring institutions in a non-confrontation stance to build industrial harmony. He said “if it’s out of ignorance, we educate them. It it’s also out of arrogance or pride, we allow the law to follow its due process, otherwise forever our colleagues are going to remain slaves and not workers”.

by Kofi Adu Domfeh

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