Ghanaian couple on trial for fake wedding in US

A Ghanaian couple has been accused of staging a fake wedding so that they could stay in the United States of America.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, the couple is standing trial in a federal court in central Ohio.

The two Lilan Asante and Kwadwo Asante have a 10-month old baby boy. Lilian is an immigration lawyer and Kwadwo worked as a financial analyst.

The two face the possibility of five years in prison, $250, 000 in fines and deportation to Ghana if found guilty. The two have meanwhile, pleaded not guilty to counts of marriage fraud and conspiracy to commit marriage fraud.

The report citing an affidavit filed in federal court in Columbus, said Lilian Asante already has admitted she married a Florida man purely to become a permanent resident of the United States. She actually lives with Kwadwo Asante and their son in Blacklick, the affidavit says.

For his part, Kwadwo Asante is accused of marrying a Youngstown woman for the sole purpose of staying in this country. Lilian Asante, with her knowledge of immigration law, “provided guidance” to the man in Florida and the woman in Youngstown about how to answer questions from immigration officials, according to the indictment.

The report provided a record that provides an outline of the case.

Kwadwo Asante, 39, and Lilian Asante, 37, were married on June 5, 1999, in Ghana. In August 2002, both were admitted to the U.S. as students — Kwadwo at Case Western, Lilian at Ohio State.

The Asantes had their marriage dissolved in May 2004. Kwadwo Asante remarried in 2005 and Lilian Asante in 2006. Each attended the other’s marriage ceremony, and each began the process of becoming a permanent U.S. resident.

In June 2006, just four months after Lilian Asante remarried, she applied for a mortgage with Kwadwo for the home in Blacklick, though she maintained in immigration documents that she lived in Florida. Kwadwo Asante said that his primary address was in Youngstown. The mortgage’s first page says, “Borrower is Kwadwo W. Asante and Lilian A. Asante, husband and wife.”

The government investigation appears to have begun by April 2008, when Special Agent Jeffrey Landthorn of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement saw the Asantes leaving the Blacklick house together. It’s unclear from court records what sparked the investigation.

In October, agents looked through trash from the Blacklick house and found mail addressed to both Asantes there. They interviewed neighbors who identified the Asantes as husband and wife. That same month, Lilian had a child and Kwadwo was listed on the birth certificate as the father.

Lilian Asante and the man she married appeared at a Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Tampa, Fla., in June as part of their request that she become a permanent legal resident.

According to the court records, the two admitted the fraud when they were interviewed separately. The man signed a statement saying, in part: “I married Lilian Antwiwaa Asante to help her obtain her resident alien status. We have never resided together as husband and wife. We have never consummated the marriage.”

Lilian and Kwadwo Asante were arrested on July 24 and released on their own recognizance, and then indicted on Aug. 4. Their trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 28 in U.S. District Court in Columbus, it added.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. akua says

    its not a sin

  2. Dieooo says

    its not a sin but it is a crime! shut up

  3. akua says

    shutup? leave it for God to judge you. Or whomever you believe in

  4. Adjoa Halley says

    Imprisonment thats a bit harsh….

  5. Owiredua says

    Nkrofo bre obi manso. I have known this lady since she was a teenager and my heart goes to her. Sometimes situations make people do things they would never have done. This lady could not hurt a fly, she is such a good and kind person. My heart is saddened and I pray a miracle for her. This is truly sad. It is so unfortunate. Think about it; what happens to the son? Somebody save her at least for the sake of the son.

  6. Sarpei says

    How can two well educated people like this couple be so callous and narrow-minded in their search for legal status. They could have waited til it was all over before purchasing a house together. They wanted all the goodies but first needed the “nkrataa” to proceed. I hope the rest of you guys and gals looking for “wolo” would take a cue from the mistakes of this couple.

  7. Amaniampong says

    She deserves what she got. in a rush for the goodies, a knowledgeable person like her acted foolishly. Heard she was always bragging abt how much she makes. Well she’s better off in Ghana with her lawyer status. god help her!

  8. sure, we can! says

    Am I reading correctly, or, am I mistaken! Maybe there’s a mistake somewhere? This couple must really be Nigerians pretending to be Ghanaians? Or, can an earthly country filled with perfect angels produce also produce such criminal minds?????????????????????

  9. King and man of God says

    God said he will bless those who bless us and curse those who curse us just as he promised Abraham. When people do evil and bad to others it goes back to them. This also relates to the fact that what goes around comes around.

  10. MASHIACH says



  11. OSCAR BOATENG says

    only God can jude them.

  12. Obedta says

    well we only say fine to whatever they say when they come here, we embrace and smile at them because we believe they have it all yet they regards us as tools.we cant enjoy peace on their soil but they always do. come to think about it the only thing they have dat we dont is de practical aspect of almost every thing, after infesting us with the theory. so u see, when we need to outwit them why should they have a say? is it b’cos we still support them? is time to stand up to something!!! no one will ever do this to them on African soil but they are doing it to us. WHY!!!!! GOD SHALL SURELY REDEEM US . TAKE HEART DEAR SISTER AND BROTHER!!! THEY MADE U TO WHAT U HAVE DONE

  13. Dianne says

    Yes wanting something very badly .. i can understand doing what they thought needed to be done . .. These people appear to be an intelligent and well educated couple that could have been a benefit and honor to their adopted country .. so why ?? did they choose to go the illegal route instead of applying and going through the usual immigration process ?? Perhaps they thought they had no hope??WHY COULD THAT BE ??

  14. Opoman says

    People look! what this lady as a lawyer, she knows the law of the Land and try to over ride Why you guys would let them pay for the price!!!!!

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