Kasapreko launches new product

Kasapreko newKasapreko Company Limited (KCL) has introduced onto the Ghanaian market the new Kasapreko cocoa liqueur small size pack to ensure consumers’ convenience.

The move is aimed at making the product more affordable for the company’s numerous consumers.

The new ‘baby’ pack, which was launched at Ada Foah in the Dangbe West District of Greater Accra Region, attracted a large crowd that followed a float trail through the nooks and crannies of the town.

Andrews Akolaa, Marketing Manager of the Company said Kasapreko Cocoa liqueur has been a resounding success since its introduction onto the market last year, and that it as for this reason that the product has even been recognized by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (CIMG).

He noted that due to consumers’ preferences, the new small pack was introduced to ensure that the consumption unit can be one-off and as such, reduce consumers’ storage cost.

“Our expectation is that consumers will be buying in bottles for consumption at home at their own convenience and so they will not make any investment in returnable bottles since the new size is in a P.E.T bottle,” Mr. Akolaa maintained.

He added: “We also want to assure consumers that we will continue to improve on our quality of our products, which has always been our principle and hallmark. Therefore, they should watch out for more innovation as far as our products are concerned.”

According to the Marketing Manager, while some local industries are set to register their presence on the thriving markets in the West Africa sub-region, KCL has fixed its eyes on the Nigerian market, and was optimistic that the company would expand its market base across the sub-region and beyond.

Mr. Akolaa indicated that the company started exporting to some West African countries including Nigeria last year but encountered challenges securing certification to fully enter that market due largely to protective measures there.

Mr. Akolaa said the new achievement KCL makes obvious its urge to expand its market base and promote the country’s presence abroad.

At the recently held CIMG awards, Kasapreko, which is an indigenous company registered the fourth position in the Ghana Club 100 rankings, with Kasapreko Cocoa Liqueur picking up the best product in the 20th marketing performance.

Mr. Akolaa stated that KCL’s high place on the Ghana Club 100 rankings attests to the quality of Kasapreko’s products.

By Innocent Appiah

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  2. Ohemaa says

    I love the flavour of cocoa liqueur its test so !!!!!!!!!!! good

  3. am says

    U treat visitors with max respect, thanks KCL

  4. solomon says

    you people are so innovtional, above all customer oriented. my favourate is COCOA LIQOUR.

  5. Amamabee says

    that is KCL for u guys! keep ur arms crossed for more…….

  6. ayodeji says

    As a Nigeria boy i can do without alomo,but my country call it Alombo.its good for matured Nigga. If the drink no be alombo i no fit be alomo

  7. Bethel Duru says

    I am so much glade for alomo-bitters, it is a moving market, why i said this is because i am one of the retellers in Nigeria. I wish to be the distributor.

  8. Anonymous says

    Alomo is a very nice drink but how would you know the fake 4rm d original.kasapreko need 2 do something so dat it wil b difficult 4 people 2 b fake it.we see different type anytime we go 2 buy d big size.are they of 2 type?

  9. KWAO PETER says

    Kasapreko products are nice.even Nigerians are saying it.

  10. Harrison T. says

    Ayodeji, Alomo Bitters only has one name in the word, especially in my country Nigeria and it is produced by Kasapreco Company Limited Ghana, so do not mistake Alomo for alombo,or any other name,because this is the best way to identify the fake Alomo Bitters,any product that is not produced by Kasapreco company is not genuine,it’s as simple as that

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