Nigerian oil company targets Ghana’s oil and gas sector

oilGhana has become the attraction for major global players in the oil industries. Some of the companies that have shown interest in doing oil and gas business in Ghana include Royal Dutch Shell, China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) and Indian state-run Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC).

But there is a new entrant, a Nigerian oil company. The Vanguard, a Nigerian publication has reported that UTM Oil and Gas Limited, a Nigerian oil interest is extending its business into Ghana.

According to the publication, the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Julius Rone has gone as far as having a meeting with Ghana’s Vice President, John Mahama at the seat of government – the Osu Castle in Accra.
The report noted that the discussions centred around the Jubilee oil field. The Jubilee field is the largest to be discovered in West Africa in the last 10 to 15 years. It is reported to have around 1.8 billion barrels of oil according to Tullow Oil, one of the major stakeholders in the filed and it has 17 wells.
Commercial production of oil is expected to begin in June 2010.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. BABATUNDE says


  2. samuel says

    I am a thirteen year old student and i think that, if the local men are not allowed to work on the oil fields and nigerians are brougt because they have experienced oil in their country before, there might be war in this country.

  3. suleiman says

    I am a Ghanian a Gonjan ,i also work in one of the oil companies in nigeria i think if you don’t use the old hands,you can lean and i also think the should find out the background of the company becourse we have some bad nigerian companies

  4. moris says

    I personally do not trust the Nigerians,they are corrupt, ruthless and have no regard for human right
    kick them out

  5. David says

    Kindly inform me about any oil company in Ghana that need my services. I am Instrumentation and control supervisor. I have worked in the onshore & offshore oil industry in Nigeria for about 12yrs. I have the ambition to work in Ghana.


  6. Samuel says

    @moris. And you trust Shell and co? you base your reason on blind stereotypes.

  7. bobby brown says

    I’m American and even I know that Nigerians are untrustworthy. Ghana is a beautiful country, keep Nigerians out if you want to keep it that way.

  8. Demola ojo says

    It is sad to hear co african condemning Nigeria and Nigerians. I think not Nigerians but the new order of african economic slavery(by American and British corrupt “givers”) is affecting Nigerian oil and gas industry. I advice that Ghananian government should study and learn from Nigerian mistakes -policies- as they look forward to the oil world.

  9. Ishmael Braimah says

    I am a Ghanaian who graduated in one of the Nigeria Universities of repute. I will like to work in any of the oil companies and will be grateful if u can help me secure a link or hint me of any of the Nigerian companies coming in. Nigerians are good and loving people with a lot of human potentials and capable of inventing anything. You should all remember that they have changed a lot of things in Ghana especially in the financial and non financial industries, entertainment, media, movie and expose Ghana to the world business. Those critics can take it or decide otherwise but that is the truth. You are not doing any good to Ghana, the whites are more dangerous than the Nigerians, always know that.

    There is no country without corrupt people even some of us are more corrupt than the Nigerian.

  10. Queen says

    We first of all thank God for this gift.In fact this is a job creating opportunity for us Ghanaians as well as a revenue base for the whole country.All i want to say is that our leaders should be wise in their decisions.They should involve the local people in one way or the other so they can also cater for their families i mean where the oil has been found.They should not be neglected.This will bring peace and stability and also improve the per capita income of the Ghanaians as well as improving the standards of living of our great nation.Thank you

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