Government to channel resources into productive ventures – President

President J. E. A. Mills
President J. E. A. Mills

President John Evans Atta Mills, on Sunday assured Ghanaians that resources that would accrue to the state would not end up lining the pockets of political leaders.

He said government would ensure that resources were channelled into productive ventures for the good of all Ghanaians.

President Mills was speaking at the 68th Synod of the Global Evangelical Church (GEC) in Ho.

He said good days of economic gains were imminent for Ghanaians despites some temporary difficulties, which the National Democratic Congress (NDC) faced after taking over power.

The President urged the Church to pray for the government and also constantly remind authorities about the need to fulfil their promises to the people.

President Mills said: “A person who draws a line will not know whether the line is crooked or not but those watching himher do”.

He said the mandate given to the NDC government did come from anyone but from God and he was hopeful that God would guide the government in its efforts to create a better Ghana.

Right Reverend Dr. Emmanuel Komla Gbordzoe, Moderator of the GEC, in a sermon called on policy makers and implementers to be faithful stewards in the performance of their duties.

He said congestions in the country’s major cities and building on water ways, resulting in flooding, were due to failure on the part of some leaders to do the right thing.

Rt. Rev. Dr Cbordzoe expressed worry that lives were needlessly lost on the roads because road constructors did not work satisfactorily, including failure to provide road signs or side walks for pedestrians.

He asked Ghanaians to depend on the power of God to make meaningful progress.

Source: GNA

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