Town Councils asked to account for tolls from public toilets

The District Chief Executive for Gomoa West, Mr. Theophilus Aidoo-Mensah, has called on town councils in the district entrusted with the management of public toilets to account for tolls collected from the use of the facility.
The DCE was not happy with how public toilets in Apam and Mumford were being kept.
He said his visit to the facilities brought home the realization that most of them were full up and locked, thus compounding poor sanitation situation in the towns, especially Apam.
Mr. Aidoo-Mensah made the observation at a meeting with members of Mumford and Apam town councils at Apam.  He ordered them to use the tolls they had collected to dislodge the toilets or else forfeit their management to the assembly if the assembly should dislodge them.
“Public toilets are not a property of any individual for him or her to be keeping monies accrued from them and expecting the assembly to clean them,” he stressed, adding that the people need well-kept places of convenience to attend to nature’s call and the keepers have no justification to fail them.
Mr. Aidoo-Mensah said he had been put there as chief executive to see to the development of the communities and would not condone with people who misapply public funds.
He said any action taken to get public accounts accounted for must not be misconstrued as embarking on witch-hunting.
He expressed dissatisfaction about the prevailing sanitary conditions in the town, and said as a citizen of Apam he was commitment to ensure its development to merit its status as the district capital.
The DCE appealed to land lords to abide by building regulations and to stop converting toilets provided in their houses into living rooms for renting.

Source: GNA

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