Dry weather could last several days – Meteo warns

The dry weather conditions being experienced in the country could continue for well over a month.

Although this harmattan season had not been characterized by severe dryness as had been the case in past seasons, such severity should not be ruled out during the course of the season, the Ghana Meteorological Department said.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Accra, Mr. Amos Narh, Senior Meteorologist at the Meteorological Services Department, Kotoka International Airport, said the lack of very severe dry weather conditions was because the high pressure over North Africa which normally steered in the dry winds were not very intense.

“From now till February, however, we could experience severe dry weather conditions. Some rainfall could even result in a very strong harmattan,” he said.

Mr Narh said the harmattan condition could continue well into March, and cautioned drivers to be wary of misty conditions, especially at dawn and during the night.

He also warned against the careless handling of materials that could easily cause fire outbreaks such as cigarettes and candles, adding that farmers and hunters also had to desist from bush burning and other activities that could result in bush fires.

Source: GNA

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