Traders plead with government not to sack them from pavements

Market women at the Tema Station on Monday called on the new National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration to restructure the Station in order to provide space for them to sell.

In an interview with GNA, some market women expressed concern about their economic livelihood following rumours that they would be sacked from selling on the pavements.

Mrs. Helena Quist, a trader, said the station was a market before it was razed down by fire, adding that since there were no lands in Accra at the moment for the government to build a market for them the government should restructure the station to enable them to have more space to sell.

She said if the government should stop them from selling on the pavements there should be an alternative or else they would lose their livelihood.

Ms Gladys Agbenyo, another trader, also said they did not have anywhere to sell their goods, therefore the government should allow them to sell on the pavements.

Meanwhile commercial bus drivers have also pleaded with the government to “caution the police to stop arresting them unnecessarily” because they have no money to go to the motor courts.

Mr Akwei Allotey, a commercial bus driver, said passengers should know where they would alight from vehicles to avoid drivers being arrested by the police.

He also urged the government to reduce the price of fuel as it promised during the campaign.

Source: GNA

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