Greenhouse emissions down in Germany

Greenhouse gas emissions in Germany were down to 21.3% during the year 2007 in comparison with 1990 levels.

Germany is thus well on its way to achieving the target set in implementation of the Kyoto Protocol of an average reduction of 21% over the years to 2012, a report issued by the Federal Environment Agency has said.

A statement issued to the Ghana News Agency attributed the reduction to increase in efficiency, particularly in motor vehicles, heating and building insulation, as well as the expansion of renewable energies and the use of bio-fuels.

However, Federal Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel, warned against excessive euphoria, saying, “the increase in electricity production is worrying”.

It said the Federal Government’s efforts in the field of renewable energies needed to be intensified yet further in order to respond to the increased demand for electricity.

The statement said high prices for natural gas were also having a negative impact on the climate, noting that, they have led to the use of more coal, which releases far more CO2 into the atmosphere when burnt than did natural gas.

Source: GNA

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