Court bonds labourer after he threatened to kill

A Koforidua Circuit Court has handed down a 36-month bond on Yao Agyakwah, 29, for threatening to kill his aunt and benefactor Madam Margaret Agyakwah, on December 29, last year.

The police prosecuting team had pressed for a jail term for Agyakwah, who claims to be a construction labourer, but vehement pleadings from the aunt persuaded Mrs Doris Brempong, the presiding judge to bond him from drinking for the next three years or risk an 18-month jail term.

It was a moment of drama as complainant Margaret Agyakwah, 55, now turned entreator-in-chief battled with the prosecution team to allow a non-custodial sentence for her nephew, who confessed to having been drinking badly on the day in question.

Madam Agyakwah rushed to the police seeking protection from the nephew for assault and a threat to kill her for alleged witchcraft, because his siblings outside the country have not been remitting him for which his economic situation has deteriorated.

When pressed by the judge why he has engaged in the litany of delinquent acts, tear-filled Yao Agyakwah pleaded for mercy and promised not to repeat the acts.

Prosecuting, Police Inspector Patrick Sackitey, pleaded with the court to jail the accused so as to serve as a deterrent to others.

However, Mrs Brempong decided to give him a non-custodial sentence in view of the family sensitivities the case entails.

Mrs Brempong was also of the view that the bond would be a more effective way of punishing the accused in order for him to mend his heart and change his bad habits within the next three years.

Source: GNA

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