Agreement reached on transfer of executive assets

The Joint Transitional Team, acting on agreements reached by the Joint Sub-Committees on the transfer of Executive Assets have agreed on the issues pertaining to the transfer of the nation’s administration to the new government.

The Joint Transitional Sub-Committee on the Transfer of Executive Assets met on Monday, January 12, 2009 at the Jubilee House under the Joint Chairmanship of Dr. Don Arthur for the new NDC Administration and Mr. Albert Kan Dapaah on behalf of the NPP Administration.

They agreed on the following for and on behalf of the Joint Transitional Team:

1) All Ministers and Political appointees of the former administration should vacate their official residences within 3 months from inception of the new government that is within 3 months from the 7th of January 2009.

2) All former appointees should hand over their premises to the Chief Director of the Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing before vacating their residences.

3) The Former Chief of Staff Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani has been requested to submit a list of all state lodges, ministerial bungalows and re-development schemes including in-fillings, to the sub-committee. The list is also to include those that have been sold.

4) Former Ministers and Government appointees may purchase one salon duty car. Cross-country vehicles and vehicles, which are two (2) years or less, are exempt. Government appointees were defined as officials appointed to the Ministries from the Office of the President under the 1992 Constitution and under the Presidential Staffers Law. This includes Special Assistants appointed to the Ministries from the Office of the President.

5) All four-wheel drives and pick-up trucks are not to be sold. All such vehicles should be returned to their relevant ministries, department and agencies forthwith and the transition sub-committee for transfer of Executive Assets should be duly notified.

6) A desk should be created at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning to deal with the End of Service Benefits to former Ministers and appointees in accordance with approval given by parliament on the 6th of January 2009.

7) In line with Parliament’s decision, all former ministers and appointees occupying state bungalows will be paid their benefits only after they had handed over and vacated their residences.

8) The meeting was informed that the Former Chief of Staff – Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani had approved some requests for purchase of official vehicles prior to the assumption of office of the new administration on 7th January 2009. The Committee requested for the list of these approvals for submission to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority and the Customs, Excise and Preventive Service.

9) Outstanding approvals for the purchase and registration of vehicles in the custody of Ministers and other political appointees should be routed through the Chief Director at the Office of the President.

10) The Former Chief of Staff – Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani is to provide details of special projects undertaken by the previous government such as the Ghana @50 celebration, African Union Summit, XII UNCTAD Conference, CAN 2008 as well as the Construction of the Golden Jubilee House and the rehabilitation of Peduase Lodge.

11) The Former Chief of Staff informed the meeting that some goods including crockery and soft furnishings imported by the Former Government for the use of the Office of the President were still in transit.

The above is released on behalf of the Joint transition teams and signed by the respective Spokespersons: Hannah Tetteh, Spokesperson for President Atta Mills Transition Team and Frank Agyekum Spokesperson, Former President Kufuor Transition Team.

Source: GNA

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