Ghanaians warned about effects of carbon emissions

Ghanaians have been cautioned against serious health threats posed by carbon emissions from vehicles.

The carbon emission which pollutes the air and results in health problems such as asthmah is caused by the low quantity or quality of additives in petroleum products.

This was disclosed by the Health and Safety Manager of the Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL), Mr Kofi Nyarko, during an interactive programme held for stakeholders in the petroleum industry in Accra.

He said the polluted air, when inhaled, could negatively affect the lungs of human beings in various ways thereby leading to death.

He, therefore, called on motorists to patronise petroleum products that contained tested and guaranteed additives like Formula Plus additives in order to reduce air pollution in the country.

Mr Nyarko said products like Goil’s Diesel XP and G Plus gasoline contained Formula Plus additives, which helped to reduce emission by 42 per cent.

He said the new Diesel XP and G-Plus with the Formula Plus additives protected the engines of the vehicles, kept them clean and made travelling very healthy, smooth and economical.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Formula Plus Africa Ghana Limited, Mr Benjamin Ekow Armstrong, said the company provided the most technologically advanced fuel additives in the petroleum industry with high concern for the protection of the environment.

He said the Formula Plus additives were fuel treatments, which were made with the combination of organic chemicals and petroleum derivatives to provide the customer with optimal product performance and profitability.

He added that Formula Plus additives, which provided the gasoline and diesel additives had benefits such as ensuring air quality, health benefits and economical benefits.

An official of the Ghana Energy Foundation, Mr Stephen Duodu, who tested the Formula Plus additives, guaranteed the quality of the additives and urged motorists to patronise the petroleum products with the Formula Plus additives to enhance the performance of their engines.

Motorists who gave testimonies on Diesel XP and G-Plus confirmed the quality and economical nature of the product, saying “ we have not experienced any kind of smoke coming out of our exhaust pipes”.

Moses Amartey, an “ aro glass” driver, said he was able to travel long distances unlike other diesel products.

Kojo Boadi also said his car, which always released smoke, no longer did so when he started using Diesel XP.

Source: Daily Graphic

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