Two police officers jailed for secessionist activities

An Accra High Court has sentenced two Police Inspectors to a total jail term of nine years for being members of the Western Togoland Restoration Front (WTRF), a secessionist group and a prohibited organization in Ghana.

Billy Akuaku, who made financial contributions to another group known as the Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), was sentenced to five years imprisonment and a fine of GH¢6,000. Akuaku, in default of the fine, would serve five months imprisonment.

Gabriel Dorduno, who also made financial contribution to the HSGF, was also sentenced to four years imprisonment by the same court which also imposed a fine of GH¢3,600 on him. Dordonu, in default, would serve three months imprisonment.

The officers were said to be members of the prohibited organizations between the year 2018 and 2020.

This was after the court presided over by Justice Mrs Mary Yanzuh had found them guilty at the end of the trial.

The accused persons were charged for being members of prohibited organization, namely the WTRF and Homeland Study Group Foundation and making contributions for the benefit of prohibited organization.

Akuaku was facing an additional charge of accepting financial contributions from members of Homeland Study Group Foundation, Jasikan branch.

The court indicated that it handed down harsh or deterrent sentences on the accused persons because they were within the security service.

According to the court, they were to desist from leaking information and protect the Ghana Police Service and the country.

The case of the prosecution was that officers of the National Security Council, based on intelligence gathered, embarked on an exercise to identify and arrest members of the WTRF who, on September 25, 2022, blocked the road at Juapong and Sogakope and set fire to two STC vehicles.

Prosecution said during investigations into activities of the prohibited organization, the investigative team discovered a WhatsApp group platform with the “SEC ADMI,” a group created by high-ranking members of the organization to discuss security related issues.

Additionally, prosecution told the court that further investigations revealed that some members of the group were security personnel, including the accused persons herein.

Prosecution said the accused persons, now convicts, were also found to be members of the two WhatsApp platforms of Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), namely “Psalm 21” and “HSGF”.

According to the prosecution, Akuaku was arrested on March 7, 2021, and taken to his residence at Adzogekope and when his room was searched by the investigative team, eight WTRF cards, one of which bore his name, were found.

Again, a notebook containing the financial records of members of the Jasikan branch of WTRF and a list of executive members of the organization titled, “Upper Lake Province Executive Committee- Oti, was also found in his room.

The court heard that on the same day, the investigative team followed up with a search at the residence of Dordonu and they found a WTRF membership card, an exercise book with the inscription “Funeral Contribution” and a mobile phone.

Prosecution told the court that the Station Officer was asked to inform Dordonu to report to the Director of Intelligence Unit at the CID Headquarters.

On April 8, 2021, Dordonu reported himself as instructed and he was arrested.

Prosecution said during interrogation, Akuaku admitted being a member of HSTF.

In the case of the Dordonu, he admitted ownership of the notebook found in his room but denied being the owner of the WTRF membership card.

Prosecution said a perusal of the notebook titled “HSGF JAS BRANCH” found in Akuaku’s room, showed that he made two monthly contributions of GH¢10 as monthly dues for September and October for HSGF.

Additionally, prosecution said Akuaku and Dordonu were found to have contributed GH¢150 and GH¢100 respectively to HSGF.

Source: GNA

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    The word is ‘secessionist’ not ‘successionist’. These journalists koraa, ad3n?

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