FISLAG honours 36 women firefighters for excellence

The Fire Service Ladies Association of Ghana (FISLAG) has awarded 36 women firefighters for excellence in their fields.

Presented with citations, certificates and cash, the women of difference were recognised for their commendable services, hard work, sacrifices and influence.

The Central Regional Command of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) organised the splendid event which was interspaced with melodious music with dances by ladies from all the districts.

It was also used to celebrate Mother’s Day for FISLAG.

The FISLAG Mother’s Day celebration is a prime time to celebrate and recognise the love, sacrifices, and unwavering support that female firefighters as mothers provide amid the unique challenges both at home and work places.

It was on the theme: “FISLA – empowerment of female firefighters to accelerate efficient service delivery.”

Addressing the gathering, Assistance Chief Fire Officer I, Doris Lamptey, the President of FISLAG, said female firefighters played an invaluable role in firefighting, bringing diverse perspectives, compassionate leadership, and innovative solutions to the table despite the numerous challenges confronting them.

“Today, we celebrate not only female firefighters’ dedication to saving lives and property, but also their achievements in breaking barriers and setting new standards.

“Consider the remarkable journey of some of our very own members from leading rescue operations to spearheading community fire safety programmes, these women have demonstrated that gender does not define capability…

“Their stories of perseverance and success serve as powerful examples for all of us,” the President of FISLAG said.

However, she said the journey was not without its hurdles, as balancing the demanding responsibilities of a firefighter with the equally demanding role of motherhood required immense strength and resilience.

“Many of our members have faced these challenges head-on, often working twice as hard to prove their mettle, noting that the stories of female firefighters were testaments to the unyielding spirit of our female firefighters,” she stated.

“It reminds us that while the challenges are real, they are not insurmountable. Empowerment is not a solo journey; it thrives based on community and support systems,” she noted.

 In that light, Assistance Chief Fire Officer I Lamptey said FISLAG had been at the forefront of creating a congenial environment where female firefighters could thrive.

Through mentorship programmes, leadership training, and community outreach, she said FISLAG had built a network of support system that empowered women to excel in their careers and personal lives.

“Our initiatives as an Association have been instrumental in providing the resources and support needed for our members to succeed. By fostering a culture of empowerment, we enhance individual capabilities and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our service delivery.

Looking ahead, she said, “FISLAG is ambitious and inspiring, expanding our support programmes, advocating for more leadership opportunities for women, and ensuring that every female firefighter has the tools and resources needed to excel.

“Our goal is to create an environment where empowerment leads to excellence in service delivery and we are committed to breaking barriers and setting new standards, so we can build a better future for Ghana.”

“In an institution that demands utmost bravery and perseverance, you have consistently demonstrated that you are more than equal to the task and I urge you on,” she said.

Some award winners highly praised FISLAG for supporting and uplifting female firefighters for more efficient and effective service delivery.

Source: GNA

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