EPA to partner security agencies against unregulated sand winning in Tongu

Maxwell Zu-Cudjoe – EPA

Mr Maxwell Zu-Cudjoe, Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in South Tongu District, has initiated stringent measures to clampdown on unregulated sand winning activities in the Tongu Districts of the Volta Region.

Sand winning from the Volta Lake has emerged as a prominent economic endeavour, particularly in South, Central, and North Tongu districts.

However, recognizing the potential detrimental impacts on the environment, the EPA has prioritized regulation and oversight of such activities.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Mr Zu-Cudjoe underscored the necessity of regulating these activities to mitigate any adverse effects on the environment and water bodies.

He highlighted instances where residents with trucks, have engaged in unregulated sand winning operations, neglecting proper documentation and adherence to regulations.

Taking decisive action, the EPA, in collaboration with various security agencies, has intensified efforts to curtail these unregulated activities.

“We would ensure compliance with existing regulations and deter unauthorized sand winning operations through increased surveillance and enforcement measures,” he explained.

Mr Zu-Cudjoe issued a stern warning to residents involved in unregulated sand winning activities, urging them to desist from such practices and abide by established regulations to promote sustainable development while safeguarding the natural resources and well-being of communities in Tongu.

Source: GNA

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