Uebert Angel, pastor caught in ‘Gold Mafia’ offers online course on performing miracles costing $1200

Uebert Angel

Uebert Angel Mudzanire is no stranger to controversies, even conflicting character, but there appears to be no end to his schemes. The man caught on camera in an earth-shattering investigation by Al Jazeera, called ‘Gold Mafia’ is announcing an online course on how to perform miracles and he is charging $1,200 per head.

He has advertised the course on his social media handles and church website scheduled to start from April 1 to 3, 2024.

In the investigation by Al Jazeera April 2023, Mudzanire was recorded in different meetings with undercover reporters who identified themselves as Chinese criminals seeking to wash dirty money through the Zimbabwean economy. In the videos, the self-styled prophet and Zimbabwe government official, was caught on hidden cameras in the Al Jazeera investigation named ‘Gold Mafia’ assuring under-cover reporters that, they were in safe hands because unofficially, he is the number two man in Zimbabwe and has the full blessings of the president to sign agreements on behalf of Zimbabwe.

When they told him they wanted to launder over a billion dollars, he told them he has laundered several millions before, but never done billions, however, he could launder their billions, with his diplomatic red tape and the money would be delivered directly to his home and nobody would touch it.

He also assured them that they would have no problem at all freely buying and selling gold from Zimbabwe in the money laundering schemes.


Mudzanire was appointed Presidential Envoy and Ambassador-at-Large by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in March 2021, soon after his appointment issues came up in the news about him having double identity.

News sources in Zimbabwe dug out his two national ID cards. The first ID card has the registration number 83-099297X83, and was reported to have been issued at the Zaka registry offices in Masvingo in 1996. The second card with the registration number 29-195587H83, was said to have been issued in Gweru in the Midlands a year later.

The date of birth on both cards is the same, September 6, 1978, but the card numbers are different.The reports indicated that he used the 1997 ID to secure a Zimbabwean passport with the number ZE 306043.

However, the news reports pointed out that his British passport, number 464932598 which was issued on November 6, 2009, had a different date of birth from the one on his Zimbabwe national ID cards. The British passport has March 4, 1972 as his date of birth.

The reports further said on March 9, 2021, he appeared before a Harare lawyer, Tichavona Mutebere, and made an application to change his name from Uebert Mudzanire to Uebert Angel Snr claiming he was born on September 6, 1978, a birth date inconsistent with his British one but consistent with his two Zimbabwean national IDs.

He has also been exposed as having obtained a fake degree. In 2008 the US government published a list containing thousands of names of people who have obtained fake degrees, from Bachelor to PhD degrees from a diploma mill in Spokane, Washington State.

The United States Department of Justice through Operation Gold Seal published the list of fake degrees bought from the phony Saint Regis University, which was eventually shut down.

On the list is the name Uebert Mudzanire and beside it is listed BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), but Mudzanire has denied buying a fake degree.

On that list were hundreds of people working in the military, government and education sector of the US, and almost 10,000 people who spent $7.3 million buying phony and counterfeit high school and college degrees from the Spokane-based diploma mill.

Interestingly, Angel’s biological brother, Samson Mudzanire, with national ID number 83-066977R83, was born on April 14, 1972. The reports are wondering how his mother, Rose Mudzanire, gave birth to two sons in 1972 within 40 days of each other.

Uebert Angel Mudzanire’s reputation precedes him, as reflected in his offering of this miracle performance online course.

By Emmanuel K Dogbevi
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