Huawei releases National Cloud 2.0 solution to help governments achieve digital visions  

Huawei has released the National Cloud 2.0 solution world to help government organisations around the world accelerate national digital transformation and promote intelligence.  

Mr Hu Yuhai, Vice President of Huawei Hybrid Cloud, said: “Global digital transformation has reached a new stage of full intelligence driven by data and AI.   

The National Cloud 2.0 solution from Huawei provides trusted cloud infrastructure, innovative cloud services, and extensive industry know-how. We aim to help governments achieve national digital visions faster.”  

He said more than 170 countries and regions had announced digital transformation strategies and as innovative technologies like AI models see more widespread adoption, the digital transformation of government customers was reaching a new stage.   

Mr Hu said previously, government customers were focused on moving their applications to various clouds and now they were seeking data- and AI-driven industry intelligence.   

“They look to leverage digital and intelligent technologies to empower smart city governance, better government services, and greater economic growth,” he said.  

He said the solution was backed by Huawei’s ICT innovation and robust experience driving digital transformation for customers and partners around the world.   

Mr Hu said it provided trusted cloud infrastructure, innovative cloud services, and extensive industry know-how, helping governments achieve their national digital visions faster.  

He said Huawei had established secure, reliable, and open cloud-native infrastructure and provided green, low-carbon IT hardware and cloud-native infrastructure.  

He said Huawei aimed to lay a robust foundation for the national digital transformation of government customers.   

On innovative cloud services, Huawei leverages data and AI technologies to provide innovative cloud services, aiming to help government customers unleash data value and establish data sovereignty.  

He said around extensive industry know-how, Huawei provided a series of professional services, including high-level design, service planning, deliveries, and implementation, all backed by extensive experience with numerous global projects.  

“Huawei looks forward to working with more industry partners in the future and to accelerating national digital transformation for government customers around the world,” he added.  

Source: GNA  

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