Ghana government urged to pay attention to basic education

The Campaign Against Privatisation and Commercialisation of Education (CAPCOE) has called for unwavering attention from the government on basic level education in the country. 

Mr Richard Kovey, the Convener of CAPCOE, said the foundation of education was critical for sustainable national and should never be taken for granted, however, more attention was rather being given to “Free Senior High Schools,” (FSHS) neglecting the basic levels.

Mr Kovey told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview that most Basic schools were still running on shifts due to overcrowded classrooms, the unavailability of science labs, and the non-functioning Information and Communication Technology (ICT) laboratories.

He said the basic levels should even be given more attention, adding that before the FSHS, basic education received the highest percentage of the capitation budget, which had currently been diverted to the secondary schools.

He said it was only in the 2024 budget that allocations had been made for the full payment of the capitation grant, because for some years now, the funds received had been very low.

Mr Kovey said it was about time the country restructured and updated its educational system to meet the needs of the 21st century.

He said it was sad that years after independence, Ghana was still grappling with challenges of training students who would be able to fabricate machines and structures to mine the country’s resources and foreigners were rather given the fields day to benefit.

“Countries that want to move ahead focus more on skill training and project-based education, so that if the person wants to do business, we prepare the person practically for business,” he said.

He said reforming and integrating new learning goals for sustainable development was very crucial in training skilled youth with the capabilities and competencies required to make them economically productive to contribute to society and enhance their well-being.

Source: GNA

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