Our Managing Editor attends The Africa Editors Forum Meeting and Media Festival in Nairobi

Emmanuel K Dogbevi

As democracy flounders on the continent, journalism has been on the receiving end, with press freedom being limited in most countries while journalists continue to face increasing dangers.

With media organisations facing sustainability challenges, the freedom of journalists to function and their safety continue to become matters of concern.

The Bi-annual General Meeting of The Africa Editors Forum being held in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, will among others deliberate over the state of journalism on the continent. The meeting will be on the sidelines of the Africa Media Festival to be held from February 21 to 22, 2024.

Our Managing Editor, Emmanuel K Dogbevi left Accra to join some editors from around the continent to participate in the Meeting to reflect among other things, the importance of journalism to Africa’s development.

The TAEF President, Jovial Rantao, is convening the 2024 Bi-Annual General Meeting (BGM) for February 20, 2024 in collaboration with The Eastern Africa Editors’ Society.

The Africa Media Festival launched in February 2023, with over 650 participants from across 18 African Countries and over five African countries. The organisers say, the inaugural festival served as a meeting ground for the African media players to discuss the challenges and celebrate the successes it has made. 

The Africa Media Festival 2024 is expected to establish the foundations for revolutionary innovations with a mission to serve as a catalyst for transformation, cultivating optimism to reshape the African media landscape.

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