Zipline to deliver swine semen to pig farms for artificial insemination

Zipline, an aerial logistics delivery company, and Piper Pretty Farms, a livestock business empowering pig farmers in Ghana, have joined forces to deliver swine semen for artificial insemination to enhance pig breeding.

Artificial insemination is a time-sensitive procedure, demanding that animals in estrus be inseminated within a strict 48-hour window. This is often threatened by the slowness, ineffectiveness, and labour-intensive nature of current distribution practices, causing delays that significantly undermine the breeding programme’s success.

The partnership will leverage Zipline’s advanced drone technology to increase the availability of semen doses to up to 1000 doses per week, Maame Esi Amoah, Fulfillment Lead at Zipline Mpanya, stated in a document made available to the Ghana News Agency.

She said, “This significant boost will enhance the insemination process, delivering efficiency in animals’ natural cycles and optimising the breeding process.

“At Zipline, we have always been at the forefront of leveraging technology for practical and impactful solutions.”

Maame Amoah noted that extending Zipline services to the agricultural sector, specifically to support pig farming in Ghana, is a proud milestone. 

“In this partnership, we will receive products weekly and store them in our warehouse and incubator for safe delivery to the client. We believe this will improve breeding and showcase innovative livestock farming solutions,” she noted.

She explained that the swine semen, stored in cold-chain incubators would be transported by drones with precision drop-off abilities to be accessed for insemination. 

“This innovative method will reduce waste by enhancing semen viability and minimising delivery times, in stark contrast to traditional methods of delivery,” she said.

Mr. Isaac Asubonteng, Chief Executive Officer of Piper Pretty, stressed that artificial insemination had emerged as the most practical and efficient technique for genetic cross-breeding and would help the industry’s evolving demands.

“This collaboration with Zipline is a game-changer for us in pig farming in Ghana. By enhancing the pig production process, we’re improving efficiency and revolutionising the entire industry. 

“The use of drone technology in delivering swine semen is a significant step forward in ensuring the timely and effective breeding of pigs.”

He said previously the weekly delivery was 50 doses of semen, but with the Zipline drone delivery, “we can reach all catchment areas and do 700 to 1,000 doses of delivery per week. 

“This increase will significantly have economic benefits and ensure that farmers receive optimal value for their products.”

Mr. Asubonteng said Zipline’s initiative was seen as part of the broader projection towards precision agriculture, where technology is used to increase efficiency and output in farming. 

“Ghana’s pig farming sector is poised to significantly see a steady and superior supply of swine semen for genetic cross-breeding via drone operations. This is expected to lead to enhanced breed quality and increased meat production, thereby strengthening food security,” he said.

Source: GNA

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