Construction project said to enhance Kotoka International Airport’s skyline commences  

i2 Development Ghana Limited, the private developer, has cut-sod for the construction of the Prestige Project to enhance Kotoka International Airport’s Skyline in Accra.  

The Airport enclave has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past two decades in line with the growth in the aviation and hospitality sub-sectors. 

The construction of the new development will be on the 2.88 acres of land adjacent to the Airport Shell Fuel Station and directly opposite the Marina Mall, which will add to the beauty of the Airport skyline redefine luxury living in Ghana’s capital and play a key role in increasing the country’s tourism receipts. 

Reverend Steve Osei, the Chief Director of the Ministry of Works and Housing, speaking at the sod-cutting event, said the project showed the government’s commitment to partnering with the private sector to deliver housing and other commercial properties to the people. 

He said the project would create a lot of direct and indirect employment for the people and open up the country for tourism.   

Mr Nabil Al-Ahmad, Chairman of i2 Development Ghana Limited, said the Project was expected to be completed within three years. 

He said when completed the project would be the biggest apartment in the Airport enclave in terms of capacity and its unique architectural design would also be an important tourist attraction component.   

He said the importance of modern, sustainable, plush offices, residential properties, and hotels within the Airport vicinity, and indeed in major airports in Africa, could not be overstated when it comes to the growth of tourism, aviation, and allied businesses. 

These properties play a crucial role in supporting and attracting visitors, facilitating travel, and fostering economic development. Placing plush residential properties and hotels near airports provides convenient and easy access for travellers. 

It will allow tourists, business travellers, and aviation professionals to conveniently stay close to the airport, saving time and reducing travel-related stress. 

This proximity encourages more visitors to explore Ghana, as they can easily reach their accommodations upon arrival, resulting in increased tourism and economic growth. 

These developments are in sync with the investment in on-ground airport infrastructure at the Kotoka International Airport. 

Source: GNA 

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