Holy Child does not charge fees for access to admission forms – Principal

Dr. Hull Adams, the Principal of the Holy Child College of Education in the Western Region, says the school does not charge any fees for prospective candidates requiring admission.

“The Management of Holy Child College of Education wishes to state emphatically that Holy Child College of Education does not charge any fee for Username, Password or anything in relation to securing admission letters to the College”, a statement signed by the Principal said.

The statement said the attention of the Management of the College had been drawn to activities by some unauthorized persons and contacts purporting to be facilitators in securing admission letters for applicants seeking admission to the College.

“These unauthorized persons and contacts charge various fees as requirements for usernames and passwords to access Admission letters… Management wishes to state categorically that the College does not have any contact person(s) acting on its behalf, with regards to applicant’s securing admission to the College. Anybody who deals with any contact person(s) in order to secure admission to the College does so at her own risk.”

Meanwhile, the admission process for the 2023/2024 academic year has not yet begun.

Notwithstanding the Management of Holy Child College of Education has instituted measures to ensure that admissions to the College would be done through the GTEC/PRINCOF approved procedures only when the application window ends, the Principal added.

Source: GNA

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