Ghana government urged to disburse funds to the creative art industry

Madam Sharon Dede Padi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Padiki Art Gallery has appealed to the government to disburse funds to the creative art industry just as it has done for other sectors.

She said many people wanted to enter the creative arts industry, but the means to operate was challenging, adding that the government should intervene and support them financially.

Speaking at the ninth Feminine Ghana Achievement Awards 2023 in Accra, Madam Padiki who is also an artist said in making Ghana a more alluring destination for the diaspora, there was the need to create a deeper awareness of the root and origin of Ghanaian culture through arts.

The Feminine Ghana Achievement Awards scheme is established to identify, officially recognise and reward women whose personal and professional conduct have been exemplary and whose achievements have been outstanding.

The awards seek to officially recognise women in Ghana who have achieved outstanding accomplishments in various forms of endeavor across both the public and private sectors, such as entrepreneurs, professionals, corporate executives, public institutional managers, diplomats, sportswomen and traditional rulers.

Taking home two awards-“Africa Most Respected CEO from Mauritius and Most Outstanding Female in Art,” Madam Padiki encouraged people interested in art, especially the youth “not to give up because art was a profession and to keep doing their best, for they know not who is watching.”

She, therefore, urged parents, family and loved ones to encourage the upcoming artist to bring out the best from them to make their future better.

According to her, it was time to empower young women to build a strong business environment.

Madam Claudia Turbay Quintero, Ambassador of Columbia to Ghana, charged the awardees to continue their impactful work in society.

“The women in Ghana deserve this, and it makes me happy; and I want to support that action. I have accompanied this process for several years and am part of those who are happy for the awardees. This recognition is what I consider important in every society,” she added.

The feminine Ghana achievement Awards series organized by Business Executive recognise excellence of companies in the corporate space, as economies across the sub-region strive to bounce back from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic and individuals for their outstanding performance in stewardship, entrepreneurship and innovation as well as Industrial contribution to the Gross Domestic Product of the country.

Instituted in 2014, the awards seek to recognise female achievers from various walks of life in Ghana whose corporate conduct, performance and achievements are exemplary.

Mrs Adelaide Siaw Agyepong, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of American International School (AIS) who won the Outstanding Female Entrepreneur in Education humbly attributed her success to a higher power, saying, “I always say when your time is due for the Lord to bring you out of obscurity, He does it beautifully.”

She stated that her achievements were as a result of collective efforts within the AIS community.

She added that the importance of nurturing analytical thinking skills among students in the 21st century, aimed to mold them into problem solvers.

Meanwhile, Mrs Dinah Owusu Kissi won the Most Outstanding Female in Commercial Cleaning Service while the former Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Madam Cynthia Mamle Morrison, received an honorary award for her contribution to the empowerment and advancement of women and children.

Other past honorary awardees were Madam Claudia Turbay Quintero, the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and Columbia Ambassador to Ghana, Madam Stephanie S. Sullivan, United States Ambassador to Ghana, Madam Anne Sophie Ave, Ambassador of France to Ghana, Madam Maria Elisa de Luna, Brazil Ambassador to Ghana, and Madam Anne-Claire Dufay, the UNICEF Country Representative.

Source: GNA

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