How to get gazetted as a pastor

As a minister of church, pastor, it is important to gazette yourself to be able to officiate marriages legally.

Under the Marriages Act 1884-1985 (CAP. 127), without being gazetted, a minister, who officiates marriage commits a crime punishable by fine.

The marriage is also rendered invalid and so, will not be recognised by the State.

This Law applies specifically to ordinance marriage.

To gazette yourself, the first step is to apply to the Registrar-General’s Department to be trained to officiate marriages.

After training, you then apply to the Attorney General through the Registrar-General’s Department to be licenced as a marriage officer.

The applicant must provide evidence of being a minister by presenting the ordination certificate to the Registrar General.

The applicant must also provide evidence that the church is licenced to celebrate marriage by presenting the gazette of the church.

Once all requirements are met, the minister then obtains approval through the Ghana Publishing Company.

By obtaining the approval, the minister now becomes gazetted as a marriage officer.

As a gazetted minister, you now qualify legally to officiate marriages.

By Paul Eduarko Richardson

Source: GNA

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