Banbo Insurance Brokers, FITA Autotech collaborate to provide comprehensive auto solutions

Banbo Insurance Brokers and FITA Autotech have formed a strategic collaboration that aims to reshape the landscape of motor-related services.

The partnership leverages the strengths of both organisations to provide a holistic approach to vehicle protection and performance enhancement.

A statement issued by Madam Edith Lawson-Atenga, Chief Executive Officer of Banbo Insurance Brokers, said the collaboration, which combined Banbo’s commitment to delivering effective insurance solutions, and FITA’s dedication to providing exceptional auto services was bridging the gap between vehicle protection and optimal performance.

She said, “We understand that the security and health of your vehicle require more than just insurance. Vehicle faults and servicing are essential aspects of its ownership.”

“This is why every client purchasing a comprehensive motor insurance policy through Banbo will now receive a complimentary auto diagnostics service from FITA Autotech,” she said.

Mr Bryan Achiampong, CEO of FITA Autotech, said, “With our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and experienced technicians, our goal is to ensure that your vehicles are running smoothly, efficiently, and at optimal health. Our diagnostics service will identify potential issues, which we will work to resolve completely.”

“By combining Banbo’s insurance expertise with FITA’s top-notch diagnostics service, the partnership aims to address all motor-related needs comprehensively,” he added.

The partnership offers an array of unparalleled benefits like full insurance cover, claims assistance, proactive renewals, expert guidance, and the opportunity to join FITA’s premiere membership community in Ghana.

This membership includes digital access to affordable mechanic services, complimentary service plans, pre-financing for repairs, courtesy vehicle access, rentals, roadside assistance, cross-city car support, and digital tracking of your car’s health and vehicle-related documents.

He said clients could now experience a seamless blend of insurance protection and vehicle health optimization through Banbo Insurance Brokers.

To embark on a journey where innovation meets automotive care, contact Banbo Insurance Brokers today and be ready for the road ahead.

Source: GNA

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