Dr. Amoah tells youth of Africa to strive for success and impact

Dr. Kofi Amoah

Ghanaian businessman and economist, Dr. Kofi Amoah, has urged African youth to chart their own paths to success and impact in their communities. He challenged the continent’s future leaders to embrace education, discipline, and resilience as the cornerstones of their journey towards prosperity.

In a stirring address to an audience of young people on X Spaces, Dr. Amoah shared his life story, noting in particular that the definition of success varied for each individual. Nearly a thousand people listened to the event, hosted by Greatness in You, a U.S.-based non-profit that mentors and empowers African youth.

“I speak to you today to shed light on my life’s journey, not for bragging, but to serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration to all of you who may be looking for some spark to wake you up towards your own unique journey towards your own brand of success,” the renowned economist began, emphasizing the diversity of success.

“Whether it’s being a caring parent, a humanitarian like Madam Teresah, an exceptional teacher, a nurturing healthcare professional, a visionary entrepreneur, or a skilled sportsperson, success wears many hats. Choose your path and let it lead you to purpose and fulfillment.”

Dr. Amoah recalled his formative years in Tikrom, a rural community on the outskirts of Kumasi, where young boys and girls participated in the weekly chore of cleaning streets and public facilities on Saturdays. He added that the village authorities held those who failed to participate without valid reasons accountable, underscoring the importance of discipline and community participation.

“My early forays into money-making started as an okro farmer and later on as a shoe shine boy plying my trade at Kejetia market in Kumasi,” Dr. Amoah recounted.

“The practice of looking for some dirty shoes to polish for six pence in the hot African sun, and the smile of appreciation from a satisfied customer with a tip, gave me such inner elation that I could feel my heartstrings being pulled towards the joys of reward through hard work with perspiration.”

He stressed that discipline and moral integrity are as vital for success as capital is for entrepreneurial achievement.

“I am as Ghanaian, Nigerian, or Kenyan as you. Africa is in me, so it is in you, too. Therefore, I can confidently say that whatever modicum of success I have acquired, the larger success our brother Aliko Dangote of Nigeria has acquired, or our brother Philip Ndegwa of Kenya has acquired, so can you if that meets your objectives and aspirations,” he assured.

Reflecting on his educational journey, Dr. Amoah highlighted the importance of continuous learning, noting that it was the compass that guided and enabled him to make a meaningful impact on Ghana and Africa. He also addressed the challenges that young Africans inevitably face, observing that “you will encounter obstacles on your journey to success as I and others invariably have, but you must remain undeterred. You must embrace failure as nothing more than the stepping stone towards success.”

“I can modestly say that I have made contributions to the business landscape of Ghana and Africa, creating jobs across the continent with multi-billion-dollar foreign exchange inflows through my pioneering role in the establishment of remittance service to Africa.”

Dr. Amoah underscored the need for proper investments in sports, particularly football, which holds the potential to create substantial jobs and bolster gross domestic product (GDP).

“Talents alone are not enough. With the right infrastructure, player welfare, and management, sports can fuel economic growth and unite nations,” he said.

Expressing his commitment to community, he urged the youth to give back. “Invest in your villages, nations, and continent. Together, we can raise each other up and shape a prosperous Africa,” he noted.

 The renowned economist advocated for the creation of government-supported venture capital funds throughout the continent, emphasizing that such initiatives would unlock talent, foster innovation, and facilitate solutions across a diverse array of sectors.

Dr. Amoah concluded his address with a heartfelt call to action: “let education, hard work, and resilience be your guiding stars. Embrace the spirit of achievement and dream big. As we navigate the complexities of the world, let us be guided by our collective commitment to excellence, integrity, and a better future for our beloved Africa.”

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