Gold Mafia: AU’s Pan-African Parliament appoints Uebert Angel Ambassador

Uebert Angel

The Pan-African Parliament of the African Union has appointed Zimbabwean church-owner Uebert Angel as its Ambassador for Interfaith Dialogue and Humanitarian Affairs. The news has been received with mixed reactions across the continent, particularly in Southern Africa.

Angel was filmed with secret cameras by Al Jazeera undercover reporters posing as criminals in different meetings seeking to wash dirty money through the Zimbabwean economy. The self-styled prophet and Zimbabwe government official, Angel was caught on hidden cameras in the investigation named ‘Gold Mafia’ assuring the undercover reporters that they were in safe hands because unofficially, he is the number two man in Zimbabwe and has the full blessings of the president to sign agreements on behalf of Zimbabwe.

When the reporters told him they wanted to launder billions of dollars, he assured them that he has laundered several millions before, but never done billions, however, he could launder their billions, with his diplomatic red tape and the money would be delivered directly to his home and nobody would touch it.

While neither the African Union nor the Pan-African Parliament, has officially announced the appointment of Angel, there are flyers announcing the appointment of the self-styled prophet on social media bearing the logos of the Spirit Embassy, The Good News Church Worldwide founded and ran by Angel.

This news is coming days after the AU celebrated 20 years of the organisation’s Convention on Preventing and Fighting Corruption.

By Emmanuel K Dogbevi
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