Minority demands refund of $2m paid to Africa Investor Holdings for Accra sky train  

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Minority on Monday criticised the government for the payment of $2 million to Africa Investor Holdings Limited, a firm in Mauritius for the Accra Sky Train Project without the necessary parliamentary approval. 

Mr Kwame Governs Agbodza, the Minority Chief Whip and Member of Parliament (MP) for Adaklu, addressing a press conference at Parliament House in Accra, reiterated that the payment of the said amount did not also follow the requisite cabinet approval and public procurement approval. 

The Minority appealed to the Government to ensure that $2 million was refunded to the state. 

Mr Agbodza said as at the time the $2 million was paid, there was no valid contract between Ghana and any entity. 

He noted that before the company even began to do feasibility studies, someone in Government had decided to pay $2 million to this entity. 

He said the Auditor-General’s report suggested that the company did not have the necessary license to operate the system they wanted to operate. 

“So, the question is, what was the reason for the Government to act in a way to give out two million dollars? Who actually took the decision to pay this entity in Mauritius?” he asked. 

“Who authorised the payment of the $2 million in terms of the so-called feasibility studies and which normal decision maker pays out $2 million as feasibility studies; before as they put it to determine whether the project is bankable?” 

Mr Agbodza said the Auditor-General’s report should be asking for the refund of the two million dollars. 

He said as at now, there was no evidence that any feasibility studies had been done and the report submitted to the government and approved; saying “so, what was the $2 million for?” 

He said on the minimum, that $2 million could pay some of the school feeding contractors, some of the suppliers to Buffer Stock Company, some road contractors and GETFund projects contractors in this country. 

“So, we are not actually happy with how the Auditor-General ended the story, simply on the fact that they wanted the Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund to step back and correct the mistake, because the decision was illegal and shouldn’t have happened.” 

He also criticised the government for investing over $20 million in terms of equity into the Accra City Pullman Hotel project without any work on site for almost two years now. 

In another development, Mr Alhassan Sayibu Suhuyini, the Deputy Ranking Member of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Lands and Forestry and NDC MP for Tamale North, speaking at the press conference, accused the government of engaging the services of land guards to retrieve and protect government lands. 

He alleged that Professor Patrick Agbesinyale, the Chief Director of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, made the revelation during a meeting with the Committee. 

He alleged that the Chief Director claimed that even the police and military engaged a land guard in reclaiming and protecting government lands at a fee contrary to the Vigilantism and Related Offences Act. 

Source: GNA 

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