Chinery-Hesse launches CFR-Ghana Memoirs Project Fund 

Dr Mary Chinery-Hesse, the Chancellor of the University of Ghana, has launched the Council on Foreign Relations-Ghana (CFR-Ghana) Memoirs Project Fund. 

The establishment of the Fund is in fulfillment of one the Council’s key objectives to encourage and promote the writing of books by retired diplomats and other professionals. 

The CFR-Ghana is an independent, private, non-partisan, and non-profit institution specializing on Ghana’s foreign policy and international affairs, especially those relating to the West African sub-region and Africa. 

The CFR-Ghana Memoirs Project Fund launch took place in Accra during the launch of a book published by the CFR-Ghana, dubbed “Contemporary Issues in Foreign Policy Diplomacy and International Affairs”. 

The 357-page book, which is a collection of essays derived from a series of symposia and online webinars hosted by the CFR-Ghana, was unveiled by Professor Henrietta Mensa-Bonsu, a Supreme Court Judge. 

Dr Chinery-Hesse in her remarks, hailed the Council for its contribution to scholarship through its mobilisation of the rich and diverse pool of distinguished personalities who were masters in their areas of expertise to contribute to a better understanding of Ghana’s international and foreign policy. 

She further congratulated the brains behind the establishment of the Council and the creation of its Fund. 

She said the CFR-Ghana Project Fund was intended to encourage retired diplomats and other professionals to share their experiences with future generations, through writing their memoirs.  

“Indeed, while writing of memoirs may help to preserve the country’s legacy and facilitate gaining of some insight into the past, it might offer also an opportunity, through pouring of one’s heart, of being healed from traumatic experiences.” Dr Chinery-Hesse said. 

She noted that City TV had been airing a programme which was hosted on Saturday mornings by its Chief Executive Officer Mr Samuel Atta-Mensah, dubbed “Footprints”; stating that CFR-Ghana’s President Mr Daniel Kufour Osei’s participation in this programme got them all glued to their seats.  

“You narrated incidents that would have forever remained in the closet were it not for your interview. Juicy Toli! No wonder you have been after me to also publish my memoirs.” The Chancellor said. 

“…For all and sundry who have been putting so much pressure on me to publish by memoirs to share the varied experience I have garnered after decades of Public and International Service, led by you, D.K (Mr Daniel Kufour Osei), I want to assure you that these are nearly ready. I will surprise everybody one of these days.” 

In a special plea to the Diplomatic Service of Ghana, Dr Chinery-Hesse said was not acceptable that a Service that had produced so many distinguished diplomats since independence in 1957 and who must have some unique pioneering experiences in Ghana’s diplomatic encounters to share, have only a few, beginning with Dr Alex Quaison Sackey having published their memoirs.  

She noted that hopefully, the CFR-Ghana Memoir Project Fund would provide the platform for many to write their memoirs. 

Mr Daniel Kufour Osei, the President of CFR-Ghana, who gave the foreword of the book said it was one of the cardinal objectives of the Council, at its inception, to occupy the vacant space in the area of International Relations, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy by way of its contributions in the field. 

Touching on the CFR-Ghana Project Fund, he noted that the Fund would go a long way to promote the writing of books by retired diplomats and other professionals. 

Source: GNA 

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