Amnesty International calls on CHRAJ to launch human rights report

Amnesty International (AI) Ghana has called on the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to compile and publish an Annual Human Rights report to highlight progress made in safeguarding the rights of Ghanaians.

The organisation said by instituting such a report, “we can hold ourselves accountable and ensure transparency in addressing human rights issues and it will also shed light on the abuses that have occurred as well as to outline the necessary steps to restore the dignity of all individuals whose right have been violated by the state and its actors.”

It said this would also serve as a valuable tool to identify areas for improvement, strengthen legal protections and implement measures that would curtail future abuses.

Mr Francis Nyantakyi, Board Chair, AI Ghana, made the suggestion  at the opening ceremony of AI Ghana 2023 Annual General Assembly Meeting (AGAM) on the theme, “Amnesty International @50: Dignity, Freedom and Justice for All.”

 He expressed gratitude to members for contributing to the shaping of human rights in Ghana and beyond.

He said, “the AGAM is a movement of accountability, reflection and is re-strategising to improve on human rights and will continue to work towards a Ghana where the rights of citizens are protected.”

He said the organisation had experienced hostile receptive environments from different political regimes but as an advocate for human dignity, members would continue to use their platform to promote and to push democratic actors to put in measures that would promote free speech, fair and transparent elections, peaceful handovers and an enabling environment for all.

 Ms. Mercy Larbi, Deputy Commissioner of CHARAJ, said Amnesty International had contributed significantly to Ghana’s pride as a beacon of democracy in sub-Sahara Africa.

She said, “Amnesty Ghana and other civil society organisations have played a positive role in contributing to the realisation of all human rights at the local, regional, national and international levels by influence government policies and enjoyment of human rights and development.”

She said CHARAJ would continue to collaborate with AI to achieve the objectives of promoting and protecting human rights for all persons in Ghana.

Mrs. Clara Beeri Kasser Tee said, “development was not only for things but for the people so the world could not claim to have seen development because it travelled to space, created and invented amazing things, if these inventions do not lead to an improvement in the quality of life of people.”

The dignitaries that were present included Renee Ngaamu, Board member and former Amnesty Chair Kenya, Mr. Aphonse Akakpo Amnesty Togo and Wassily Nesmitz, AI Germany and Lawyer Francis-Xavier Kojo Sosu, Member of Parliament for Madina.

Source: GNA

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